Potent@ Myspeedz (App)

$99 USD

"Myspeedz" APP Radar Gun available now!

Work on shooting Explore your speeds  

You have multi-purpose drills to improve speed,which is the most effective?

We have :Myspeedz" APP radar gun available now,it is perfect help.

What is "Myspeedz" APP radar gun?

* SUPPORT-APP SUPPORT:Single/Battle mode chart in "Myspeedz" on your phone

*SAVED----- APP SAVED and displays tracking records and graphi on your phone

* SURPER----APP SURPERVISE the training progress and monitor on your phone.


How to use it?

  CONNECT to Iphone or Andriod by bluetooth pair "Myspeedz"

* SINGLE MODE::tracking speed of 1 player and record it by both of data and graphic

* BATTLE MODE:tracking speeds of 2 players and record it by both of data and graphic

* HIGH SPEED ACCURACY: Get instant perfectly accurate readings for your shots!

* MULTI-USE: Ideal for measuring movement or ball speed in most sports,such as ice hockey,baseball,golf and more.



1.Bluetooth 4.0 easy to pair in 1 second

2.It works on both Android and IOS(Iphone)

3.Defection distance: approximately 33ft /10m

4.Voice notification to announce the reading speed

5.Monitor speed range: 25 to 150 mph (15 to 199km/h)

6,Data log in and graphic displayed on APP, record for last 10 speeds

7.Adjustable angle to provide highly accurate readings

8.Operated by durable 5x AA batteries (lasting 30days)