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ArcticGlide Skating Synthetic IcePanel (Pro) (2-pack)

ArcticGlide Skating Synthetic IcePanel (Pro) (2-pack)

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Potent Hockey - ArcticGlide Synthetic Ice Panels Pro

World's largest injection-molded Ice sheet by Potenthockey

Unleash Your Skating Potential-Gliding on the Arctic Ice

Experience the next level in hockey training with Potent Hockey's ArcticGlide Synthetic Ice Panels Pro. Crafted with precision using an innovative honeycomb design and micro-textured surface, our Ice Panels deliver an unparalleled ice-like experience that enhances skills, technique, and passion for the sport.

These aren’t just panels; they're your passport to hockey mastery. Boost your skills, enhance your performance, and achieve your hockey goals with ArcticGlide. The future of efficient and effective hockey training is here. Don’t just train, elevate with ArcticGlide!


Why Potent Hockey's ArcticGlide Synthetic Ice Panels Pro stand out:

  1.     Unparalleled Ice-Like Experience: Many competitors provide hockey training surfaces, but none can match the authentic feel of Potent Hockey's ArcticGlide Synthetic Ice Panels Pro. The innovative honeycomb design and micro-textured surface is more than just a unique aesthetic; it's the secret sauce that delivers an unmatched ice-like sensation, optimizing performance while replicating the true essence of the sport.
  2.     Lightweight and Versatile: Say goodbye to the traditional, heavy ice panels that are a nightmare to move, transport, and store. At just 5.7 kgs (12.5 lbs) and measuring 120 x 60 cm (47.2" x 23.6") , ArcticGlide Ice Panels Pro can be conveniently placed in your backyard, basement, or even taken on the road. The ease of assembly ensures you won't be spending hours setting it up. 
  3.     Eco-Friendly without Compromising on Quality: Potent Hockey's dedication to sustainability doesn’t come at the cost of performance. Our ice panels offer over a 50% weight and cost reduction compared to others in the market, making them both wallet and planet friendly.



Innovative Honeycomb Design: Our Ice Panels boast a revolutionary honeycomb structure and dovetail seam design with a micro-textured, self-lubricating surface (HDPE+UHMWPE infused with slip agent material), offering the best performance at a cost-effective price. The design reduces ground pressure, increases durability, and ensures an authentic ice-like feel.

🌧️ Year-Round Durability: Rain or shine, our Ice Panels are ready for action. The high-quality, UV-protected materials ensure they withstand various weather conditions, giving players the opportunity to train consistently.

🚀 Portable and Versatile: Our Ice Panels are lightweight and portable, allowing athletes to practice at home, in the backyard, basement, or even on-the-go. Set up their ideal ice-skating experience anytime, anywhere.



🏒 Year-Round Progress: No need to wait for the rink to enjoy hockey. Our Ice Panels offer year-round practice, ensuring continuous development and progress, giving young athletes a competitive edge.

🏒 Build Confidence and Skills: With each glide on our smooth and authentic surface, players will build unwavering confidence and the essential hockey skills that set them apart on the ice.

🏒 Safe Learning Environment: Safety is paramount for athletes. Our Ice Panels provide a controlled environment for athletes to learn and perfect their skills without the worry of injuries associated with conventional ice surfaces.


 Why Potent Hockey:

🏅Innovation in our DNA: As the largest Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) of hockey digital training products in the world, Potent Hockey is at the forefront of innovations and developments of new and existing products and work with some of the largest brands in hockey. Our ArcticGlide Synthetic Ice Panels utilize the latest industry innovations and feature the largest injection molding technology for ice panels in the world.

🌎 Eco-Friendly Commitment: At Potent Hockey, we're committed to sustainability. With over 50% weight and cost reduction in our design, our ArcticGlide Synthetic Ice Panels contribute to reducing material consumption and environmental impact.

🌟 Trusted by Professionals: Potent Hockey products are not only for young athletes but also trusted by hundreds of NHL players, coaches, and thousands of young athletes worldwide. This connection to the pros fosters inspiration and motivation among young players, encouraging them to dream big and aim high.



 📐 Size: 120 x 60 cm (47.2" x 23.6")

📏 Thickness: 1.5 cm (3/5" thickness)

🌞 Surface: 4.5mm

⚖️ Weight: 5.7 kgs (12.5 lbs)

☀️ UV Protected: Ensures durability and longevity in various weather conditions

🛡️ Material: UHMWPE + Additive + Self-lubricant

 ✨ Innovative Honeycomb Design:

  • Best performance at the lowest cost
  • Reduces ground pressure and deformation
  • Increases the strength and toughness of floor tiles
  • Hollow design for reduced weight and lower transportation costs

 ✅ Over 50% Weight and Cost Reduction:

  • Revolutionizing structure design to minimize material consumption.
  • Lightweight and cost-effective for easy handling and installation

 🏒 Ideal for Hockey Players:

  •       Builds confidence and essential skating skills
  •       Enables year-round progress and development.
  •       Provides a safe learning environment.
  •       Ignites passion and dedication for the sport.

The future of hockey training is not in the bulky, inconvenient products of the past. It lies in innovative, eco-friendly, and efficient solutions like Potent Hockey's ArcticGlide Ice Panels Pro.

Not just an upgrade, they're a transformation in how training is done. The joy of gliding on our ice-like surface will ignite a lifelong passion for hockey in young players. As they fall in love with the sport, they'll naturally dedicate themselves to continuous improvement and excellence.


Remember: Great players aren't born during the season; they’re made in the off-season. Don't let limited ice availability hamper your dreams. The future of hockey training is here, and it promises to be brighter, better, and more potent! Embrace the future of hockey training today!


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*Note: Limited Stock Available - Grab Your ArcticGlide Synthetic Ice Panels Pro while they last!


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