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Potent Razor Dangler (version 2.0)

Potent Razor Dangler (version 2.0)

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Robotic Digital Stickhandling Trainer 2.0

The Potent Razor is the first of its kind advanced smart system that combines hockey's three most important elements - SPEED, COORDINATION, and STICK HANDLING. The Razor has three robotic arms that randomly move and light up targets to challenge your stickhandling ability. You will have to think fast in order to improve your speed, coordination, and stickhandling ability. 

This is one of the best hockey training tools for players of ALL AGES & SKILL LEVELS. Whether you’re just learning to stickhandle or already working on your next big move. This will help you improve your fundamental hockey skills in a fun, challenging way. Find out why 100+ NHL PLAYERS, hundreds of thousands of young hockey players, and their coaches love Potent Hockey Training products!

What is so special about the Potent Razor?

The Razor is a robotic digital stickhandling trainer that moves its arms with light target randomly to recreate the feeling of playing a real game on the ice. It is designed to improve your maneuvering and manipulate your stick in an almost game-like setting. This is the most advanced stickhandling trainer for hockey players of all ages and skill levels. Take it anywhere on and off the ice to help improve your skills while having fun!

● Next-Generation Robotic Digital Stickhandling Trainer

Potent is the next generation of our highly successful Digital Stickhandling Trainer 1.0., one of the most innovative hockey training tools on the market. It has three robotic arms that move around unpredictably to create a more challenging practice system. With its three robotic arms, you can train to improve your puck control and stickhandling ability in what feels like real game-like situations. This means endless, challenging, fun!

● Perfect for every player at every level

Whether you’re a pro sharpening up your skills or an amateur trying to improve your on-ice skills. A robotic stickhandling trainer will help challenge your abilities in a fun, competitive way. You can work to beat your previous score or compete with others for the highest score. 

● Easy to start, difficult to master!

It is important to note that the Razor’s arms are randomized to prevent you from mastering the system. As long as you are working hard and trying your best, every practice session will be challenging and increase your skills!

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Steps to use Potent Razor:

1. To make this work, you need to place it on a smooth surface like ice, synthetic ice, or a wooden/marble surface.

2. The robotic arms will start moving automatically and give you targets every two seconds as soon as you turn it on.

3. The light can illuminate any three moving arms after every two seconds. Passing the puck or ball under the light will score a hit and allow you to continue playing for 45s per round. Your goal is to score as many hits as possible during each round of play. This provides real-time feedback so that players can learn from their mistakes. In addition, by motivating yourself with new challenges, you can improve your skills faster.

4. Once you have used it for an hour, put it to charge. After charging, you can switch the Razor on and practice as you want!

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The Potent Razor is the best hockey training system on the market. It has many benefits and features to help you gain the skills necessary to become a better ice hockey player. Here is a list of the benefits you will receive from using the Potent Razor.

● Improve Hand-Eye Coordination

The unpredictable movement of the arms allows you to practice new moves that are impossible to practice in static situations. You will have to think fast while making your next move and adapt to the randomized movements as fast as possible. You can train to improve your puck control and stickhandling ability in what feels like real game-like situations.

● Improve Speed & Confidence

Practicing with a Potent Razor will increase your speed and ability to react with the puck. As you begin to improve your stickhandling ability you will gain the confidence needed to try new moves on the ice. Before you know it, you will learn how to dangle like the pros!

● Improve All-Around Hockey Ability

Potent Razor is useful for improving all-around hockey ability. It can simultaneously help you improve your stickhandling skills and develop the extra muscle power to make it easier, quicker, and more accurate to dangle with the puck. You will see improvements in hand-eye coordination, speed, stickhandling, and decision-making after practicing with the Potent Razor.

Ways to Play:

Potent Razor is a unique hockey training system that allows you to train in ways that you couldn't before, helping you to develop fundamental hockey habits and skills. Here are three different ways you can use the Potent Razor:

● Introduction

This mode is for the beginner who just wants to practice stickhandling. You can practice advancing the ball or puck through the arms, while working on your coordination and stickhandling. Slow steady progression will make you a pro in a no time!

● Beat your Score

This mode is for the one who is familiar with hockey and wants to challenge himself and improve his skills by beating their own score. The Razor will randomly move the 3 arms so that you cannot predict the next movement. You will have to react fast while keeping control of the puck in order to score it under the targeted arm. This way, you can practice your passing and stickhandling skills in a fun, challenging way. Beat your own score and become the master of hockey! For even more fun, grab a friend or teammate and challenge each other for the highest score.

● Team Challenge

Grab a teammate and practice passing it to each other under the moving targets. The goal is to score as many points with your partner within the time limit.  This is a fun, challenging way to work on your teamwork and communication skills.



  • On/Off Button
  • Charging LED, Red means charging, Green indicates fully charged. Please charge the product after 60 minutes of continuous use.

What is in the box

  • Potent Razor x 1
  • Sensor puck x1
  • Sensor ball x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • Instructions x1


  • Size 38 cm length, 7 cm height, x3 arms
  • Power input AC 100-240-50-60Hz 0.2A Max
  • Output: 5V 1000mA

Who should get it?

Potent Razor is the best hockey training system on the market for hockey players who want to improve their skills with or without a professional coach. It not only helps you develop new skills but also helps you increase your speed when moving and stickhandling, making Potent an excellent tool for improving your skills and becoming a better player. So, if you're looking for a innovative way to challenge yourself, become a better player, and learn new skills, the Potent Razor is for you. Place your order today!

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