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Potent Myspeedz Radar Gun 2.0 w. App Support

Potent Myspeedz Radar Gun 2.0 w. App Support

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Potent Hockey Training - Speed Radar Gun 2.0 w. App Support 

You want to measure your shot speed, but you're tired of using a regular stopwatch for timing your shots. There's no instant feedback, so you can't tell if your performance improves from one game to the next.

Imagine having a device that will tell you what your shot speed is. Instant, accurate feedback and be easy to use. Wouldn't that be a game-changer?

The Potent Hockey Speed Radar Gun is the answer to all your questions. It's easy to use and takes only minutes to set up. The results will be immediate, and you'll know if your shot speed has decreased or stayed the same from game to game. You'll also be able to compare it with your friends and teammates, making for a fun challenge!

Potent Hockey Training

How does the Potent Speed Radar Gun Work?

The Potent Speed Radar Gun helps players measure their shots' speed- instantly and accurately. It connects with the "Myspeedz" app on your Iphone and keeps track of your shot speed so you can track and improve your progress with instant feedback.

The app saves the shot speed for the last ten shots and displays a trend on your phone. The distance range is approximately 33ft/10m, and the speed range is 25 to 150mph (15 to 199km/h). The voice notification tells you exactly how fast you hit your shot.


Potent Hockey Training



Ultra slim device (30MM) with adjustable angles and mount support that can be easily set-up anywhere.  


No more AAA batteries, simply charge the device with a USB plug and enjoy 6-8 hours of use.


Comes with an adjustable tripod and phone stand for easy set-up. Large, clear display and voice announcement.

App Support (IOS only)

Measures & saves speed of the last ten shots and displays a trend on your phone. Plus two fun game modes (single player or 2-player battle mode)


Get instant accurate readings for your shots. Easily measure Shooting, Hitting, Pitching Velocity for almost any sport

App Instructions:

The Potent Hockey Speed Radar Gun can pair with your Iphone to give you instant, accurate feedback about your shots. Bluetooth 5.0 allows for quick easy pairing. Then simply place the radar gun right behind the target area and follow on-screen instructions.

App Support 

The "Myspeedz" app allows you to record your speed based on real-time measurements for immediate, accurate feedback about your shot speed. The app also provides you with an interface to review previous shots, view charts of information from games, and keep a record of your most recent shots. You can use the App in Single player or 2-player Battle mode. 

Single Mode

Single-mode will be ideal if you want to track your progress and see whether or not your shot speed has decreased or stayed the same since your last shot. The data will be recorded immediately after you have taken your shots and last 10 shots saved.

Battle Mode

Battle-mode allows you to measure the speed of 2 players and see which one comes out on top. 5-shots non-stop for each player, then it will display the match results. 

Sports Training Device

Measure Shot, Pitch, Throw Velocity All From One Device

The Potent Radar Gun is one of the best speed training tools for coaches and players of any sport. The distance range for is 33ft /10m, and the speed range is 25 to 150mph (15 to 199km/h) which makes it perfect for all sorts of sports, including ice hockey, baseball, softball, soccer, golf, and tennis.

Why should you get it?

The Potent Speed Radar Gun is reliable and easy to use because it is easy to pair and uses a long-lasting rechargeable battery. Its LED screen is clear and bright; plus, it is super simple to set up. Also, each shot will be measured accurately by the app, and that data will be saved on your phone to keep track of your progress—a great gift idea, no matter what sport you are playing. You'll get accurate feedback about how well or poorly you're doing with every shot, and that data will be saved on your phone so that you can review it later. A great gift idea for athletes of any age and skill level!

Potent Hockey Training

Start Measuring and Improving your Shot Today! 

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