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Ultimater Dangler

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Ultimater Dangler by Potent Hockey: The 270° Stickhandling Training System

Introducing the Ultimater Dangler from Potent Hockey – a groundbreaking training tool meticulously engineered to elevate your stickhandling, enhance your puck control, and secure your competitive advantage. This cutting-edge system sets a new standard in hockey training. With its innovative 270° design and smart technologies you're not just practicing with a static tool; you're immersing yourself in a holistic training environment.

The Ultimater Dangler comes equipped with intelligent, adaptive drills tailored to match your skill level, ensuring that your training is not only effective but also progresses at a pace that's right for you. The dynamic 270-degree range of motion enables a diverse array of drills and exercises that mirror the challenges and unpredictability of actual gameplay. Each session is an opportunity to advance, making every move more precise and every decision quicker.

So, whether you're a young athlete aiming to make your mark or an experienced player focusing on maintaining elite performance, this innovative hockey training system is your ally on the path to on-ice success.

Features & Benefits:

✅ 270-Degree Stickhandling Experience: The Ultimater Dangler goes beyond traditional training methods by providing a unique, 270° wide-ranging practice area that encourages complete on-puck creativity. This innovative design allows you to execute a full spectrum of hockey maneuvers, enhancing your on-ice versatility and sharpening your reflexes to respond adeptly in any game situation.

✅ Intelligent Sensor-Puck System: Elevate your training with the sensor-puck technology that brings a new level of interactivity to your practice sessions. As you maneuver the puck across the board, it illuminates and communicates with the system, delivering instant feedback that enables you to refine your technique on the spot. This smart technology ensures that your practice is as effective as it is engaging.

✅ Versatile Training Modes for All Skill Levels: With the Ultimater Dangler, you’re in control of how you train. Select from a spectrum of customizable training modes, ranging from fundamental techniques to complex, game-level drills. This adaptability allows you to progressively challenge yourself, ensuring that your skills continue to grow and your potential is constantly being pushed to new heights.

✅ Robust Synthetic Ice Pads: Unveil the power of durability with six interconnected synthetic ice pads, crafted to replicate the feel of real ice. This expansive and stable platform is engineered for consistency in your stickhandling and passing drills, ensuring that every practice session is as smooth and uninterrupted as if you were gliding on a freshly zambonied rink.

✅ Exclusive Zero-Friction Ice Spray: Discover the magic of our Zero-Friction Ice Spray, a game-changing inclusion that guarantees an ultra-slick surface for your puck to dance upon. This specially formulated spray is the secret to achieving flawless precision in every drill, particularly during those high-speed maneuvers that separate the good from the great.

Play Modes:

  • Foundation Flow (P1 Mode): Perfect for warming up and getting into the groove, this mode has you hit target sensor lights in quick succession.
  • Precision Path (Junior, P2 Mode): Step up your game with this mode that lights up targets all around the 270° board, challenging you to be quick and precise.
  • Dynamic Duel (Advanced, P3 Mode): For those looking to push their limits, this mode throws in ‘defender’ lights that you have to avoid, adding a layer of strategy to your training.

Play Mode Specifications:

P1 Mode: Foundation Flow
Embark on 'Foundation Flow', engaging in a 3-drill sequence for a swift warm-up. Within 75 seconds, navigate through all 3 structured drills, striking each target sensor light within a 4-second window. Efficient play speeds up cycle and drill transitions, optimizing your scoring potential.

*Drill #1 “ Basics in Motion”
-  Scoring Target: Red Lights (shift every 4 seconds)
-  Master long distance horizontal puck passing between two alternating red lights on side pads. Aim for swift, precise strikes to complete 10 cycles, enhancing your stickhandling and timing.

*Drill #2 “Insight Slide”
-  Scoring Target: Red
-  Begin with a path of illuminated sensor lights. Navigate the puck through each light to score, with lights extinguishing after each successful pass. The swift transition between lights tests your precision and toe-dragging skills. Aim to complete five cycles, enhancing your speed, adaptability, and control with each move.

*Drill #3 “Preview Pivot”
- Scoring Target: Red Lights (shift every 4 seconds, or once puck pass over)
- Defender: Blue Lights (constantly on)
-  Navigate an 8-shaped path with shifting red scoring targets and constant blue  defenders in the full 270 degree range. Adapt quickly to changing red lights and skillfully avoid blue, cultivating agility and strategic thinking. This drill previews the advanced dynamics of P3 mode.

P2 Mode: Precision Path (Junior)
- Scoring Target: Red Lights (shift every 4 seconds)
-  Explore 'Precision Path' with the full 270-degree range of the Ultimater Dangler. Score 1 point for every puck pass over a red light, and Score as many as you can in 75 seconds. This mode goes beyond horizontal play, engaging all six pads where red lights randomly illuminate. Sharpen your stickhandling and puck control, requiring swift reactions and full-body coordination to navigate the unpredictable target sequence.

P3 Mode: Dynamic Duel (Advanced)
- Scoring Targets: Red Lights (shift every 4 seconds)
- Defender: Blue Lights (constantly on)
- Confront 'Dynamic Duel's complexity in the full 270-degree arena. Steer through a field of constant blue defenders – avoid contact to prevent point deductions. Amidst this intense setup, red lights randomly emerge as scoring opportunities, challenging you to excel in creative puck maneuvering, dynamic stickhandling, and strategic finesse under pressure.


What’s in the Box:

Let’s break down what you’re getting with this top-of-the-line trainer:
• Synthetic Ice Pad ×6
• Sensor-Puck ×1
• Rebounder Bands ×2
• Rebounder Stabilizing Bars ×2
• Bar Post ×4
• Zero-Friction Ice Spray ×1
• USB Cable ×1
• Instruction ×1


• Size:240cm*120cm (60cm*60cm /Pad)
• Power Input:AC100-240 50/60 HZ
• Output:5V-3A

*For full instructions and specifications, [click here] to access our detailed manual and discover how the Ultimater Dangler can revolutionize your training today

Why Potent Hockey:

With Potent Hockey, you're choosing more than just a brand; you're selecting a partner in your athletic journey. We understand the dedication it takes to excel in hockey, and our products are designed to support your hard work, precision, and passion. The Ultimater Dangler is not just another training tool; it's a reflection of our commitment to digital technologies and to players like you who are driven to be the best.

Unlock Elite Performance:

With the Ultimater Dangler, you're not just practicing; you're evolving. This elite training system is meticulously crafted to sharpen your reactions, master puck control, and navigate the complexities of real-game scenarios with ease. Every moment spent with the Ultimater Dangler is an opportunity to edge closer to the pinnacle of your potential.

Don't settle for ordinary training methods with this 270° training system, every practice becomes an opportunity to progress, every drill a step towards excellence. Make the smart choice for your hockey career. Invest in the Ultimater Dangler and transform your aspirations into achievements on the ice.

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